Comparable to a concierge in a five star hotel, the Hospitality Manager looks after the comfort
and the tranquility of all those who visit and work in the Business Village.

Benefits on request


Loundry, solution for urgent baby-sitting, reserve a table or a ticket to the theater are just some of the services offered by our Hospitality Manager.

The Business Village is proud to be the first site of this scale in Swiss Romande to run its internal services by this kind of operating procedure, a hospitality manager whom's role is multifunctional: the hospitality manager takes care of the whole complexe's logistics, receives/welcomes visitors, organize events, assure the security, reserv a taxi. The concierge/manager is also there for a service to the individual.

This service means indeed a lot to the collaborators working on the site. They can by all means ask the help of the concierge/manager for all kind of personal and private needs.